Thursday, October 29, 2009


This poster is for the agency's internal communication. The idea was to do a poster for a confluence of all employees, so the creative boasts of the evolution of an idea, a creative process from a pen to a heart.
This is for a client simple and straight, the pink one went up on board while the brand coloured blue and green poster is another option.
The third one is for a Coconut oil manufacturing client, during the launch of their new haircare products.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

wHo dAres dOes.

I have the pride to contest and the dare to lose. Do you? ;)
This is a PSA, done for Concerned Communicator Award. The copy says it all.

This one is done for a for a design contest organised by fast track watches. The ad is targeted to the youth, whose idea of being new and exploring life is different. The idea says that the watches give you so much high that it can actually replace drug addiction. It's about the cool attitude todays dudes want to carry, with a subtly embedded social message.

Monday, October 19, 2009

gO amBieNt...

pAckAge it riGhT...

I had done this package design for a coconut oil manufacturing client. This is available on racks now.

For the same client and on a different product, this package was created.

This is a scratch work done for a cooking oil client. Here i like the subtlity in the execution.

cOveR iT Up **

These are some of the book cover designs that i had freelanced for a book fair. These are like the '2 minutes maggi' jobs :)


This is one that i like in terms of layout, clean ain't it? is an online forum for schools and colleges, where students can upload their campus news online, like an electronic newsletter. So as the brief goes, I decided to represent the medium in the layout and designed the ads similar to an online page.

These are some of the published ads for Apollo Healthcare unit Chennai. They are stright forward and has no real creative expression. Just go with the flow i say :)


This campaign was visualised for world heart day '07. It was a full length campaign that was on boards for almost a month. Displayed here are the hoarding (sad you cant find one now in chennai), arch and standee designs.


Displayed here is the range of brochures done for Apollo Healthcare Unit Chennai.


These are breast feeding awreness guide and door hangers inside the hospital designed for mothers. The big size images are impactful and the colours rightly compliment the flavour. The rest you know, dont you?


This is an Annual report designed for the Apollo hospitals Chennai. This was adapted to the Delhi market later for the client loved the result. It's simple, Classic and elegant.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

aMbitIouSgrAm :b

The logo in this stationery set is an ambigram. It simply means whichever side you rotate the logo you will still read it as karma. The organisation actually does 360 degree communication consultation, this ambigram logo was conceptualised on the same route to symbolise their expertise in all angles.
This one will not just turn heads but also rotate ;)

PS: If you're curious to know more on ambigrams, check out this site

nUtty vIsualiser!

Hi folks... here i am the nUtty vIsualiser ;).

First of all 'happy blogging to me'.
This blog contains the creative stuff that i've done for my clients in the agency and yeah, a few done for pleasure too. Man you must be knowing it by now if you're into one already - clients often agree to disagree with us, not to blame but thats what keeps us going. Inspite of deciding to quit every friday evening, we only end up seeing ourselves working on something new on monday morning and guess what, that's the best part of being into an advertising agency. Every time you want to give up, it gives you more high to stand and compete.

So here you you go, take a trip down my uploads. Just to remind you before you start that an idea may start at a single point but the result may vary from the original after passing though several nodes but at the end of the day it has to be sold. yeah, I dont like to leave it stale either:)